Water Flow Meter - Plastic 1/2 inch Hall sensor type

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Water flow meter


This water flow meter is mainly used for water testing, water cooling system and hydroponics.
High amplitude ≥ 4.6V
Low amplitude ≤ 0.5V
Electric strength 1250V/min
Insulation resistance ≥ 100MΩ
Hydrostatic pressure testing ≤ 2.0Mpa


The lowest rated working voltage: DC4.5 5V-24V
Maximum operating current: 15 mA (DC 5V)
Working voltage range: DC 5~18 v
Load capacity: ≤ 10 mA (DC 5V)
Use temperature: ≤ 80°C
Operating humidity range: 35%~90%RH (no frost)
Allowing pressure: pressure 2.0Mpa
Temperature: -25~+80 °C
External threads: 1/2"
Outer diameter: 20mm
Intake diameter: 9mm
Outlet diameter: 12mm

Water flow meter connection

Flow meter

Water Flow Meter Sketch example

// Reading liquid flow rate using an Arduino 
// Code adapted by Charles Gantt from PC Fan RPM code written by Crenn@thebestcasescenario.com
// http:/themakersworkbench.com http://thebestcasescenario.com 

volatile int NbTopsFan;            //measuring the rising edges of the signal
int Calc; 
int hallsensor = 2;                //The pin location of the sensor

void rpm ()                        //This is the function that the interupt calls
  NbTopsFan++;                     //This function measures the rising and falling edge of signal
}                                  //The setup() method runs once, when the sketch starts

void setup() 

 pinMode(hallsensor, INPUT);       //initializes digital pin 2 as an input
 Serial.begin(9600);               //This is the setup function where the serial port is initialised
 attachInterrupt(0, rpm, RISING);  //and the interrupt is attached
                                   // the loop() method runs over and over again
                                   // as long as the Arduino has power
void loop () 
 NbTopsFan = 0;                    //Set NbTops to 0 ready for calculations
 sei();                            //Enables interrupts
 delay (1000);                     //Wait 1 second
 cli();                            //Disable interrupts
 Calc = (NbTopsFan * 60 / 7.5);    //(Pulse frequency x 60) / 7.5Q = flow rate in L/hour
 Serial.print (Calc, DEC);         //Prints the number calculated above
 Serial.print (" L/hourrn");     //Prints "L/hour" and returns a new line

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CGR B.s.4.
It works well

It’s early days and so far we are happy with its performance

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