USB Logic Analyzer 24Mhz 8ch

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USB Logic Analyzer 24Mhz 8ch

With the growth of UART, I2C, and SPI sensors, logic analyzers are becoming a tool everyone needs in their toolbox. You can quickly see the data communicated to Bluetooth, GPS, GPRS, and many other modules, not just in bits but in human-readable language. You can do cool things like timing and discovery of communication baud rates. Lots of very cool fault-finding things but also one of the most impressive learning aids for newcomers in electronics - you can now visually see, read and understand how all these things work.

This is a USB logic analyzer with support for sampling rates of up to 24MHz. It will work with both 3.3V and 5V systems (up to 5.25V max and 2.0V minimum on a high logic level). The logic analyzer is powered via an included mini-B USB cable.

Free software

This USB Logic Analyzer 24Mhz 8ch works with sigrok – an open-source, cross-platform signal analysis software suite. See the tutorial link below to see how to install the software and driver for this product.

Check out this sigrok PulseView tutorial for help getting started.

USB Logic Analyzer 24Mhz 8ch Description:
Sampling speed:24 MHz
Logic 8 input - can be collected at the same time. With signal analysis, such as I2C, UART, and other sampling analyses.
Logic can sample up to 10 billion samples, allowing you to capture even the most elusive events.
From logic: 5V accepts 5.25 V, and has a standard CMOS threshold logic of 0.8V low. 2.0 V logic high. The input impedance is about 1 MΩ and also see more specifications (10 pF)
Overvoltage protection of equipment for safe work.

This USB Logic Analyzer 24Mhz 8ch ships with female-to-female jumpers and a USB cable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Chris F.

Worked as expected.

Clinton B.

This little gadget is worth its weight in gold. Went back to a IIC dispaly library i did but abandoned for an online one when i started and you can just read the transmissions

Martin C.

Great little product for the money. The only thing is it comes with female to female dupont leads for connections, which makes it harder to work with. If your looking at this, I highly suggest you also purchase to go with it, which will be part of my next order. Can’t fault it for the price though.

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