The GoGoBot Educational robot with Arduino Uno


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The GoGoBot Educational Robot with Arduino Uno for Hobbyists, Kids, Students, and Schools.

Suitable for ages 8 to 80+

 The GoGoBot is developed by Bot Shop and is now a beast in a small package. The robot itself comes with more than 16 features that perfectly demonstrate all major robotics principles in an easy yet powerful way. The real fun and education continue when starting to combine all these features to create real robotics applications.

Building instructions

We have some major free services around this educational robot including easy-to-use drag-and-drop software for youngsters, 25 activity lessons for educators, a companion manual, educational videos and a free more advanced online training course for more experienced students. 

The GoGoBot Educational robot with Arduino Uno

We can not take all the credit as we had lots of input from many schools and companies. Gear Up, a specialist company and multiple winner in robotics challenge competitions, education and courseware was hugely involved in the development of what the GoGoBot has become. Gear Up has continuously tested and helped improve the GoGoBot educational robot in real training environments. The list of improvements that came from them was invaluable and we implemented each one of them.

You can now have a robot that is tried and tested many times and has more features and services than anything else you will find in the market at this price. Robots with much fewer functions cost twice as much.

The robot itself might be the highlight but all the education & support structures and software are what give the GoGoBot its power. 

The software below will be the playing field for the young but do not undervalue its importance for seasoned students and even developers. We at Botshop often use it to create quick programming frameworks to save many hours of initial development. 

The GoGoBot Educational robot with Arduino Uno



The GoGoBot Educational robot with Arduino Uno

Some of the features you will get with your GoGoBot educational robot:

  • Motors come with encoders for accurate movement
  • Bluetooth with app
  • Drag and drop app
  • obstacle avoidance sensor
  • Line tracking
  • Oled screen
  • Programmable button
  • Programmable potentiometer
  • 6 Addressable full-colour LED's on the top and one on the bottom
  • IR receiver and remote controller
  • Rechargeable battery that charges while coding
  • And much more.
The GoGoBot Educational robot with Arduino Uno


We have a special dedicated page with a video explaining all the futures and benefits here

Included in the GoGoBot educational robot kit:

  • Complete robot and parts
  • Online GoGoBot training course
  • Downloadable cellphone app and building instructions
  • Programming USB cable

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