PCM5102 DAC I2S Interface Decoder Board

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PCM5102 DAC I2S Interface Decoder Board

The PCM5102 DAC I2S Interface Decoder Board is the first-choice solution for any hobbyist looking to improve their audio performance. Specifically designed with the Raspberry Pi I2S interface in mind, this market-leading product features excellent low out-of-band noise, selectable digital filter latency, and performance, as well as no DC blocking capacitors required. 

Exceptional digital to analog conversions with the PCM5102 I2S DAC Decoder Board. You can use this with a later model Raspberry Pi or other devices with PCM I2S audio output.  The board is fully assembled and includes a 3.5mm stereo output jack socket with a 2V RMS output. Ideal for the connection of headphones, small speakers, or an external amplifier. 

This board uses the same I2S decoder as the original HiFiBerry DAC board for Raspberry Pi, so you can save money with this unit.

Pin Out

The image above gives you the pinouts of the PCM5102A chip as well as how they are allocated on the PCB board, the image also gives you a schematic of the boards' layout.

How to Connect to Raspberry Pi

Both of the images above give you a short diagram of how to connect the PCM5102 DAC I2S Interface Decoder Board to a raspberry pi. Please note the connections and pins may differ on the Raspberry Pi version/model you might have. 

PCM5102 DAC I2S Interface Decoder Board Features:

  • Line out stereo jack
  • pHAT format board
  • Uses the PCM5102A DAC to work with the Raspberry Pi I2S interface

PCM5102 DAC I2S Interface Decoder Board Specifications:

  • Market-Leading Low Out-of-Band Noise
  • Selectable Digital-Filter Latency and Performance
  • No DC Blocking Capacitors Required
  • Integrated Negative Charge Pump
  • Internal Pop-Free Control For Sample-Rate Changes Or Clock Halts
  • Intelligent Muting System; Soft Up or Down Ramp and Analog Mute 
    For 120dB Mute SNR With Popless Operation.
  • Integrated High-Performance Audio PLL With BCK Reference 
    To Generate SCK Internally
  • Board audio output 2Vrms
  • Board requires 3.3V DC - not 5V-tolerant

PCM5102 DAC I2S Interface Decoder Board Applications:

  • A / V Receiver
  • DVD, BD player
  • HDTV receiver
  • Applications Require 2VRMS audio output


Customer Reviews

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Tobias v.D.
PCM5102A i2s DAC module

Used this module with the Minidex Touch Synth and a STM32F411 USB Audio 24 bit DAC. Both sounds great

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