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This hot plate is perfect for those who need a machine that can heat up PCB boards. This PCB hot plate will make soldering SMD components onto a PCB so much easier and more efficient.

The PCBs should be placed on the element, the countertop should be smooth, and materials must be heat resistant.
When working with the hot plate please be aware of the hot surface and be careful not to burn!

Be vigilant of the temperature settings, high temperatures may damage the heating element.
Prohibit the use of the hot plate in the vicinity of flammable and combustible materials.

To move or touch the machine, remember to turn off the power and wait until the heating plate is completely cooled to room temperature only then move the hotplate.

The machine is a high-temperature electric product, remember to switch off the power of the machine when it's not being used to avoid accidents. In order to extend the life of the heating element and the machine, it is advised to prohibit high temperatures (200 °c above) and continuous long-term use of the machine. Under normal circumstances, the machine should not be on for more than eight hours continuously.

Note: Make sure the machine is well grounded. Do not let open airflow blow straight onto the plate, otherwise, it will affect the heating of the element.


Input voltage:110V/220V
Preheat rework station
Power: 450W
Temperature control range: 0-350 Degree
Display mode: HD LCD digital display
Net weight: 3.2KG
Constant temperature stability: ±1 Degree
Heating area: 100mm*100mm
External dimension: 120*120*145mm

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