NTC 10k temperature probe (waterproof)

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NTC 10k temperature probe

Easy to use and work with the STC-1000 Temperature Controller
In Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) thermistors, resistance decreases with an increase in temp. You can thus use a microcontroller easily to measure the resistance decrease.

Have a look at this article for more information: http://www.circuitbasics.com/arduino-thermistor-temperature-sensor-tutorial/

Features :
High sensitivity, rapid response.
Compact structure, easy install, good water resistance.
The use of wide temp, good stability, high reliability.
Can provide different R, B value of products, interchangeable, high precision.

NTC 10k temperature probe Specification :

Type: Temperature Sensor
Material: Mixture
Material Crystal structure: Polycrystalline
Theory: Resistance Sensor
Output: Analog Sensor
10K 1% accuracy: High-temperature type
Resistance accuracy: ± 1%, ± 2%, ± 3%
Range: -40 ℃ to +300 ℃
The maximum rated power: 45mW
Thermal time constant: ≤3S (static air)
Resistance temperature coefficient: -2 to -5% / ℃
Insulation performance: 500V
DC test a single root insulation resistance: ≥ 100MΩ
Cable Lenght: 50mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Marius P.
Waeco cf50 fridge

Awsome service and fixed my fridge for only R50!!! Will definitely recommend Bot Shop and be buying from them in the future!!

Juann V.

Faulty thermistor replaced on my Dometic CF50 Camp fridge. Quick and cheap fix. Ordered on a Sunday afternoon and received my product on the Tuesday. Fast and reliable. Thanks

Rinus B.

Works well, but it only last about a year. Then the metal cover rust through.

Dirk V.
NTC 10k temperature probe

I paired the NTC 10k temperature probe with the W1209 Temperature controller and it worked perfectly. I suggest putting it as an optional selection on your web site alongside the W1209 Temperature controller to upgrade the W1209 Temperature controller temperature probe sins the W1209 Temperature controller probe can handle -50 ~ +110°C and the NTC 10k temperature probe -40 ℃ to +300 ℃ degrees depending on the users application. Will definitely order more in future

farouk k.
NTC 10k temperature probe

works very well for my my application

Patrick D.P.

I bought two units for a Peltier Arduino project I'm working on and they work perfect. Just set up a voltage divider with a 10k resistor, measured the voltage drop and used the steinhart-hart coefficients together with the relevant equation and like that I could measure temperature.

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