NE555 delay Timer 0-10sec

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NE 555 delay Timer 0-10sec

Are you tired of your appliances breaking down due to an unstable grid when the power is switched on after loadshedding?

This small delay timer with a relay is ideal to protect your appliances from this problem, by waiting for the grid to stabilize before your appliance switches on. You can adjust how long it must take for the relay to turn on and allow your appliance to be switched on by turning the trim pot on the module. 

 Technical specifications:

Module input 12V
Relay input 250V
Max current 10A
Delay time 0 - 10 seconds

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
No good

2 units unable to turn relay on , 1 unit constantly on , 1 unit about 2 second delay and switches relay on , but unable to set timer.
All 4 units out of 4 are useless to me.

This seems a bit troublesome, we will test our stock to see if this is a batch issue.
One thing to note is that this 555 timer module with a trim pot of 64 turns for fine adjustment so you may need to turn the pot several times before any adjustments will occur.
If it's possible and you are close to our shop maybe visit us then we can see if our 12V universal time module would not be better for your application.
If we find any problem on the batch we can help in solving the problem and help you better on solving the problem.
Please email me your details to

Does this timer have a trigger .

I am looking for a 3-5 second timer ...normally open circuit and closes to complete the circuit for 3- 5 seconds when it is triggered. Do you have a timer like that ? 12 v circuit . ..

The one you are looking at will only delay the set time and active relay till the power drops no trig function
You can look at Programmable Timer with Display this has trig input on one of the 4 modes.

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