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Mini breadboard 170 points.

Mini breadboard 170 points in color are interlocking and is a cute mini size breadboard, good for small projects. It is 3.5cm x 4.7cm in size with a standard double-strip design.


400 Point Breadboard

A breadboard is designed specifically for prototyping and testing, as it allows you to experiment with your circuitry before committing to a certain design or layout of connections. With a solderless breadboard, you can simply utilize jumpers to connect up various components and test out the circuits before you solder parts or wires together, allowing for seamless iteration and enhancement.

This breadboard has 400 total points, with 300 of these being standard points in the middle lanes. 100 of these tie-points, however, are divided into the side lanes, each containing five sets of ten power tie-point


Breadboard 830 point.

This 16.5cm x 5.4cm breadboard has four bus lines spanning the length of the board and 63 rows of pins, enough for up to nine 14-pin DIP ICs or seven 16-pin DIP ICs. The rows and columns of tie points are conveniently labeled, and multiple units can be connected for larger projects.

Breadboards are commonly used for prototyping because they allow you to quickly build temporary circuits without soldering. Breadboards accept most through-hole parts and up to 22 gauge wire. When you’re done or want to change your circuit, it’s easy to take your circuit apart. For best results, use solid wires when breadboarding; you’ll find pre-cut jumper wire kits especially convenient.

Customer Reviews

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thinus b.
Best Choice for Students

We have been getting a lot of students who need to build circuits for school. This Breadboard was the top choice for the students.

jp p.
Good quality

Very well constructed

Kevin d.B.
Breadboard review

The pin holes feel very solid and the double sided tape is very strong

Roehan S.


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