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Bluetooth amp.

Ever wanted to be able to build your own Bluetooth amplifier? Well, now you can with this DIY kit. This kit has a Bluetooth decoder and an amplifier, the amplifier is added to improve the sound quality of the speakers and also allows for easier volume control. 

This DIY kit will teach you about Bluetooth decoders, amplifiers, and speakers, and how to connect them all together with jumper wire.

We also have a Bluetooth Amp Project that shows you step by step instructions on how to build one.

Bluetooth amp Specification:

Bluetooth: Bluetooth MP3 Decoding with SD, USB, and FM
Amplifier:  PAM8403 Amplifier
Speakers: 8R(Ohm) 3W
Connections:  Fly Jumper Wires
Battery Holder: 18650 Battery Holder

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