Alligator Test Leads (Pack of 10)

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Alligator Test Leads (Pack of 10).

An alligator clip (also called a crocodile clip) is a spring-loaded metal clip that is used for making temporary electrical connections. The name comes from the resemblance to an alligator or crocodile's jaws as the clip is sometimes serrated with little “teeth”.

Alligator clips are great for everyday testing and fault finding as well as science experiments for kids. You will find that you use these clips often in electronics because it is such an easy way to connect wire points quickly for test purposes. Alligator clips can be used on insulated wires without having to strip the insulation off, connecting anywhere along the wire.

Alligator Test Leads Specification:

  • 5 Red
  • 5 Black
  • 50 cm long wire
  • Length of clips: 25mm
  • Current Rating: 500mA

Customer Reviews

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Frans d.B.
alligator leads

It is good value for my money.
Their 'aspect ratio' (width to height) make them difficult to handle. When you depress them they tend to turn rather than open under two fingers.

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