600w Step-up Boost power module

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600w Step-up Boost power module.

A step-up or boost module allows you to increase the volts. An example can be a DIY power supply, the input can be 12V and with this module, the output can be raised to 12-80V adjustable. With this unit, you can adjust both volts and amps.

When you need to power up a high-voltage device from a low-voltage source this unit would be Ideal for taking a 12V battery and boosting the voltage up to a higher voltage. With the extra current protection circuit, you can adjust the constant current to protect your circuit from getting too much voltage by limiting the current draw.

Please note that the trim pot that is used to adjust the output of the module needs to be turned quite a few times before you can see a change in the output.


Input voltage: 12V-60V
Input current: Maximum input current 15A
Output voltage: 12V-80V continuously adjustable
Output Current: Maximum Output Current 10A (Adjustable)
Output Power: Active Power P = Input Voltage V * 10A
Conversion efficiency: up to 95% (input voltage, current; output voltage, current conversion efficiency)
Operating temperature: -40 ~ +85 degrees (ambient temperature is too high, please strengthen the heat)
Operating frequency: 150KHz
Short-circuit protection: Yes (input 20A fuse) Double short-circuit protection,
Input Reverse Protection: None,
Module size: 76 x 60 x 56 mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 265g

Customer Reviews

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Note !

The unit switches off below 12V, so make sure the input voltage remains 12V or above 12V.

Danie V.S.
It does what it says it does

Well what can I say it preforms very well cond be more happier at the moment.

dean n.

600w Step-up Boost power module

Tyron v.S.
Good product

I love this product a lot.

600w Step-up Boost power module

Good quality item, am satisfied.

Vaughn S.

600w Step-up Boost power module

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