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The Sonoff waterproof box is a high-quality IP66 waterproof case, in conclusion, it can be used with Sonoff Basic in the underwater environment. The waterproof level of the waterproof box is IP66 as a result you can remotely control your lights or home appliances outdoors.

Sonoff Waterproof Box Specs:

  • Waterproof Level: IP66
  • Body Material: ABS V0
  • Transparent Cover Material: PC V0
  • Dimensions: 132.2*68.7*50.1mm(L*W*H)
  • Weight: 145.0g

Customer Reviews

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What were they thinking?

This box was designed to do two things. Keep a Sonoff switch happy and dry, and provide a way to get the cables in and out of it. It fits the Sonoff R2 switch exactly. All the **** holes line up, and the sealing system works well.

Unfortunately, the designer of the box appears never to have seen the switch it's designed to fit. The Sonoff R2 has the input and output positioned centrally at opposite ends of the switch, while this box has the cable ports side by side on one side, so one cable has to come back around or over the top of the switch. It works, but it's clumsy and looks messy when installed. The cable coming in on the side with the glands also has to be linked to get from the central mounting on the switch to the gland.

I imagine it could work with thin and flexible wiring, but that's not really what we use in outdoor lighting and other installations, where a box like this is needed.

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