12V Programmable Timer assembly

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12V Programmable Timer assembly.

Are you a hobbyist looking for an easy way to automate your projects? Look no further than the 12V Programmable Timer Assembly! This is the perfect solution for automatically turning on and off appliances, lights, and more.

The 12V Programmable Timer assembly is a combination of an electromechanical output relay and a control circuit. The contacts will open or close before or after a pre-selected, timed interval. The programmable timer allows you to set the switch to turn on and off at specific times.

They are similar to some mechanical timers since they can have multiple modes. This programmable timer with 4 modes and a display that shows its countdown is very handy and very easy to use. You can set the timer for hours, minutes, seconds, and microseconds.

We also have the 24V Programmable Timer with Display

If you require a timer that you can set physical times, we have the DC 5 - 60V Real-time Timer Module

Pin Map

The above image shows us the pin map of the 12V Programmable Timer assembly. It also shows the button functions and what those functions are.


12V Programmable Timer Assembly: The 4 Modes

  • P-1: When triggered the relay will activate and the countdown will start, once it reaches 0 the relay will deactivate.
  • P-2: When triggered the countdown will start, once it reaches 0 the relay will activate and a second countdown will start, and once it reaches 0 again the relay will deactivate.
  • P-3: This mode is a loop, a countdown will start, and once it finishes the relay will activate and a second countdown will start. When it reaches 0 the relay will deactivate and the process starts over.
  • P-4: While triggered the relay is deactivated when the trigger is removed the countdown starts as soon as it reaches zero the relay is activated.

How to Enter the 12V Programmable Timer Assembly Setup

  1. After powering up the module, hold the button K1. This will show the modes.
  2. To cycle through the modes, press button K1.
  3. Press K2 to enter the desired mode, and to cycle through the digits press K2 again(some modes have 2 sets of digits 1 for on 1 for off times).
  4. Press K3 to cycle through the numbers. 0-9
  5. After the time is set you can move the decimal space by pressing K3, doing this will allow you to set microseconds, seconds, minutes, and hours.

12V Programmable Timer Assembly Specification

  • Relay Type: Electromechanical
  • Number of Relays/Channels: 1
  • Input Voltage: 12V DC
  • Max Control Capacity (DC): 10A 30V DC
  • Max Control Capacity (AC): 10A 250V AC
  • Control Signal: TTL Level (HIGH/LOW)
  • Coil Pick-Up Voltage: 9V DC
  • Coil Drop-Out Voltage: 1.2V DC
  • Integrated Parameter Memory: Included
  • Onboard Indicators: 3x7-Segment Digital Tube Display, 1 x Power LED, 1 x Relay LED
  • Onboard Controls: 3 x Buttons, Up | Down | Set
  • Onboard Timer Limit: 999 seconds / ±6.65 minutes
  • Max Switching Rate: 2000ms / 2 seconds
  • Dimensions: 70 x 40 x 24mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ray S.
Handy device

Works as advertised and described.
A very versatile and user friendly device with selectable function options.
My initial e-mail enquiry on the device was answered with relevant info provided within 24 hrs. Delivery from order and payment, door to door Pta - Jhb took 3 days (very quick).
I am more than happy

It Verks

Works exactly as advertised and working 24/7 to let us know via a siren when powers back after load shedding or outage. Works very well in that regard that if the power doesn't come back and stay on the siren keeps going off so no need to get out of bed for nothing or to get out of bed and start switching things back on as needed.

Getting more for other purposes as its proven great.

Samuel B.
Works perfectly

Worth the money. Bought a second one just to have one for whatever use in future.

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