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Portable Digital Smart Touch 6-in-1 Voltage/ Current/ Resistance/ Frequency/ Capacitance/ Temperature Multimeter

● Large LCD with backlight display(White or Red backlight)
● Large display value with 6000digits
● Automatic measurement 3 times per second
● Auto-power off after 15 minutes
● Warning buzzer for on and off test
● Low power protection system / Battery Indicator Function
● Durable and shock-proved with dispensing technology
● positive/negative sign display

Direct Current(DC):
● Range: 20mA ~ 10A
● Accuracy: +/-(1%reading + 5digits)
● Resolution: 1mA
Alternating Current(AC):
● Range: 20mA ~ 10A
● Accuracy: +/-(1%reading + 8digits)
● Resolution: 1mA
Direct Voltage:
● Range: 0.5V ~ 600V
● Accuracy: +/-(0.5%reading + 3digits)
● Resolution: 0.001V
Alternating Voltage:
● Range: 0.5V ~ 600V
● Accuracy: +/-(0.8%reading + 5digits)
● Resolution: 0.001V
● Range: 0 ~ 60000kΩ
● Accuracy: +/-(0.8%reading + 3digits)
● Resolution: 0.1Ω
● Range: 0 ~ 60000uF
● Accuracy: +/-(2.5%reading + 20digits)
● Resolution: 0.001nF
● Range: -40 ~ 1000℃ / -40 ~ 1832°F
● Accuracy: +/-(1.0%reading + 3digits) / +/-(1.0%reading + 3digits)
● Resolution: 1℃ / 1°F
● Range: 40Hz ~ 1000Hz
● Accuracy: +/-(1.0%reading + 5digits)
● Resolution: 0.1Hz
● Range: 1V
● Resolution: 0.001V


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Hendrik B.
@ Niel

I will rescue you from your misery, I will buy the meter from you for R300. I am happy to use it as it is advertised.

Batteries not included 🙂

I bought this multimeter because I wanted the big LCD. Definitely not worth the price.

The auto function is frustrating to use for fault finding. The meter uses very specific conditions (detailed in the manual) to decide the mode, and it just doesn't want to measure what you want to measure, or the range you wants to measure in. You can't get around this with the manual selection button. Other meters half the price (the ones with the classic turn ****), offers way better granular control.

There is no stand, so the meter either needs to be flat on your workbench, or propped up against something. The leads exiting at the bottom makes this problematic. The viewing angle of the LCD, when laying flat, is not ideal.

The side buttons are frustrating to use. For example the back-light and hold buttons. Unlike other meters where you simply tap the light button, you will most likely need to pick up the meter, find the correct button to press, hold it for 2s, then hope you're done measuring before the 15s timeout. This is a bit stressful when working with high voltages.

Other simple features, like MAX, seems to be missing.

And remember to buy a pair of AAAs.

Dear Niel,
Thank you for your recent feedback on our Smart Touch 6-in-1 multimeter. We appreciate your comments, but we would like to clarify that there is no fault on our side. Our product is designed to function according to the specifications detailed in the manual.
Regarding your concerns with the auto function and lack of granular control, we understand that our multimeter may not meet your specific needs. However, we stand behind the quality and value of our product, and we believe that it is competitively priced in the market.
Regarding the lack of a stand and viewing angle of the LCD, we understand that this may be inconvenient for some users. However, the design of the multimeter is based on industry standards and best practices.
We apologize for any confusion regarding the inclusion of batteries in the package. As stated in the product description, batteries are not included.
We appreciate your feedback and hope that you will consider our product again in the future.

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