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Mini Traffic Light.

This is a mini-traffic light, with 5mm LEDs, and is suitable for the production of a traffic light system model. It is small in size, simple to wire, and easy to demonstrate how a traffic robot works. It can be connected to PWM to control the brightness of the LED.

These Mini Traffic Lights can be used with a microcontroller. By using a microcontroller like the Arduino Uno, you can simulate four junctions by using three more of these Mini Traffic Lights.

Mini Traffic Light Specification:

- Number of lights: 3
- Light color: red, yellow, and green
- Active level: high level
- Operating voltage: 5V / 3.3V
- Operating current: When you use 5V high-level output, the red light is 13mA, yellow light 13mA, and green light 25mA.
- Can be connected to the motherboard's PWM pin to control the brightness of the light.

Customer Reviews

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Mohamed I.
value for money

while my kid couldn't figure-out how to connect it correctly, i am still satisfied with the products from botshop

Thanks for the 4 stars.
This module has only 3 led's on one PCB so the way to power it will be easy to test,
negative 0V(GND) pin and then selecting the LED with the +5v pin with a 220 ohm resistor
to the R/G/Y pins on the PCB
Hope this will help to see if the PCB are working .

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