Mini Bench Vice

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Mini Bench Vice.

A handy miniature Vise, ideal for holding small parts in Jewelry, Hobbyist, Model making, Electronics, Home and Work-Benches, and many more applications. This mini table vise is made of a heavy-duty aluminum alloy that is not only lightweight but incredibly durable.

Clamp down any wooden block for sanding, grinding, detailing, drilling, carving, chiseling, and much more. This vise is incredibly easy to use for anyone. Simply turn the bar on top to open and close the clamp onto a table surface and then turn the screw to securely clamp any small objects to work on.
Clamps onto a Surface up to 35mm Thick.

Mini Bench Vice Specification:

Max jaw opening at approximately: 30mm

Jaw Width: 36mm

Clamps onto a Surface up to 35mm Thick

Jaws: Smooth

Vise Overall Dimensions: 85mm x 95mm/3.35"x3.74"(approx.)

Vise Body: Aluminum

Screws & Handle: Steel

Main Color: AS The Picture show

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