LM386 audio power amplifier module

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This  LM386 audio power amplifier module is an easy to use audio amplifier board.

LM386 audio power amplifier module Features:

1. On-board LM386 Chip
2. 200 multiplier benefits circuit design
3. On-board speaker wiring block
4. On-board 10K variable resistor, you can adjust the volume of the enlarged
5. On-board power indicator
6. The chip pin leads, can be directly be connected to an audio signal
7. Operating voltage: 5 - 12V
8. Board size: 41 x13mm

Customer Reviews

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Alpha T.

Service was excellent from purchase to delivery... Great Stuff

Phono Stage Pre Amp

Tested this LM386 over the weekend as I want to use it for a Turntable Pre Amp, mine is moving magnet.
There are many grounding sounds and I used 9v supply on these boards.
I eventually eliminated some of the grounding sounds and there is a very faint ground sound coming through.

it's recommended to use a preamp specifically designed for turntables or a dedicated phono stage, rather than the LM386, for optimal performance.
The LM386 will work nicely with driving speakers of 1W and not as a preamp.

Pieter S.
Phono Stage Pre Amp

Used 2x LM386 modules to build a Pre Amp for my Turntable. The cartridge on my Turntable is a Moving Coil type and the 350mv induction on the input side is sufficient to charge the coils for a 35-40db gain at 75%. These modules like Very Clean DC input so I would recommend you use a well regulated input voltage. Tested mine on 12.6V and it was not ideal, over voltage, would recommend 7.5v 1A. Happy with my purchase.

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