LILYGO ESP32 Transparent Screen Infrared Remote Control Programmable Desktop Mini TV

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LILYGO TTV continues the concept of programmable products. Based on the transparent OLED design, they made a programmable desktop transparent small TV. Factory firmware routines are built-in, and UI interface functions are controlled by remote control, including a desktop clock, airplane games, chess, animation play, and host sleep. Through this routine, you can modify the function application you want.

TTV hardware functions include a matching infrared remote control. The main control module TTGO T-MICRO32 WIFI/Bluetooth, RTC, infrared receiving sensor, touch button, built-in battery, at the same time reserved I2C/UART interface, adapted to T-WATCH sensor expansion, and T-FH sensor expansion.


Main control chip:  ESP32 WIFI/Bluetooth
OLED:  1.54-inch blue transparent OLED
RTC:  PCF8563
Touch button:  TTP223
Infrared receiver:  HS0038
Battery:  105ma
Remote control:  infrared transmitter remote control
Expansion interface:  2.0 4PIN I2C/UART
USB:  T-type-C
Shell:  PC+ABS
USB input voltage:  5V
Expansion interface:  3.3V output


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