6mm GT2 open ended timing belt

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GT2-open ended timing belt width 6mm per meter

Timing belts were designed to convert rotational motion from Stepper Motors and Servo Motors into linear motion (along a rail). These continuous GT2 timing belts are perfect for this task. They have a unique profile with rounded teeth, which reduces backlash and makes this a popular choice for high-precision 3D Printers and CNC machines. 

 If you need to utilize the power or torque of a servo or stepper motor but need the motor to be hidden away from sight or extreme temperatures, a GT2 timing belt is an ideal solution. Designed to transfer power at a 1-to-1 ratio, this GT2 continuous-length belt offers a 6mm width with a tooth pitch of 2 mm. These specifications make it a perfect fit for our 3D Printers.


Please Note: These belts are priced per meter.

timing belt spec

6mm width
open ended
sold per meter

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