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Introducing Grove – TDS Sensor – the perfect addition to your hobbyist endeavors! This highly accurate TDS sensor provides an analog signal with a measuring range of 0-1000ppm. Its waterproof TDS probe ensures a corrosion-free environment. With good compatibility, its 0~2.3V output voltage can be easily implemented in 3.3/5V control systems.

An Arduino-compatible TDS(Total Dissolved Solids) sensor/meter for measuring TDS levels in water to indicate the water quality. It can be implemented in fields such as homemade water filters, hydroponics, aquarium, and others related to testing water quality.


  • Analog signal, high accuracy measuring: The TDS measurement range is 0-1000ppm.
  • Waterproof TDS probe: Use a waterproof TDS probe not easier corroded by water
  • Good compatibility: Where 0 ~ 2.3V output voltage can be easily implemented in 3.3/5V control system
  • Grove unified socket: The product ensures "Plug and Play" and could be versatile for various applications of Grove

The Grove - TDS Sensor detects the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) levels in the water which can be used to indicate the water quality. The Grove - TDS Sensor can be applied in water quality applications such as TDS meters, well water, aquarium, hydroponics, etc.


It supports 3.3/5V input voltage and 0 ~ 2.3V output voltage making it easy to be compatible with all Arduino boards. The sensor also provides a waterproof probe, making the testing process much easier to handle.

What is Grove?

We have developed more than 400 Grove modules, covering a wide range of applications that can fulfill various needs. Click to explore the Grove Sensor family and get started to Grove your Idea. For all Grove users (especially beginners), we provide you with guidance PDF documents. Please download and read through Preface - Getting Started and Introduction to Grove before your use of the product.

What is TDS and why should you care

TDS = Total Dissolved Solids is a measure of the dissolved combined content of all inorganic and organic substances present in water. Typically, the higher the TDS value, the more substances dissolved in water. Hence, higher levels of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) can indicate that water has more contaminants that can pose health risks.

Concerned about your water quality? Why not make yourself a TDS meter to monitor water quality to tell you whether the water meets the standards of drinking?

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We've released the Seeed Gas Sensor Selection Guide and the Grove Selection Guide, it will help you choose the Grove that best suits your needs.

Among the water quality detection of aspect that has the following range to choose from:

Grove - ORP Sensor Kit (HR-O) measures the ORP value, detecting the quality of the liquid. It works with a 5-meter IP68 ORP probe, offering a -2000mV to 2000mV sensing range, operating under 0-80℃.

The electrical conductivity sensor (EC sensor) measures the electrical conductivity in a solution which is usually used for aquaculture and water quality testing.

The PH sensor measures the hydrogen-ion activity in water-based solutions, we usually use it to measure the PH of a liquid.

This 2m long One Wire Temperature Sensor has a waterproof probe and long wire shape, suitable for immersive temperature detection.

If you want a module to design your own Long Range sensor, construct a project for water quality detection, or support any wireless communication applications, Wio-E5 is the premium choice that provides you with an optimal user experience.


  • TDS meter/TDS tester
  • Swimming pool
  • Aquarium
  • Well water
  • Hydroponics

One More Thing

With the SenseCAP S2110 controller and S2100 data logger, you can easily turn the Grove into a LoRaWAN® sensor. Seeed not only helps you with prototyping but also offers you the possibility to expand your project with the SenseCAP series of robust industrial sensors.

The IP66 housing, Bluetooth configuration, compatibility with the global LoRaWAN® network, built-in 19 Ah battery, and powerful support from APP make the SenseCAP S210x the best choice for industrial applications. The series includes sensors for soil moisture, air temperature and humidity, light intensity, CO2, EC, and an 8-in-1 weather station. Try the latest SenseCAP S210x for your next successful industrial project.

Hardware Overview


  • The Waterproof TDS probe cannot be used in water above 70°C.
  • The sensor cannot be used to measure flowing water.
  • The sensor cannot be used to measure water with high pollution concentrations.
  • The Grove sensor itself is not waterproof.




  • Input Voltage: 3.3/5V
  • Output Voltage: 0 ~ 2.3V
  • Working Current: 3 ~ 6mA
  • TDS Measurement Range: 0 ~ 1000ppm
  • Power indication: LED
  • Connection Interface: Grove 4-Pin / XHB 2.54mm 2P
  • Waterproof Probe Cable: Length 60cm
  • Waterproof Probe Connection: Interface XHB 2.54mm 2P
  • Dimensions: 20 x 40 cm

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