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Hero Game.

This project was built for kids who would like to learn about electronics and how it works with a microcontroller. This project is perfect for keeping the kids busy for hours. The project is also educational as it will teach the kids and adults how a breadboard, tactile switch, and a microcontroller work together to create a fun game they can play without being connected to the internet.

So the game uses the same principle as the google dinosaur game( when you have no internet connection) in the sense that you run and jump and as you go along with the game you have an ever-increasing score, the more the score increases the quicker and more difficult the game becomes.

We also have a hero game project to show you how to build one!

Arduino Running Man Game Specification:

Microcontroller: Arduino UNO
LCD Screen: I2C 16x2 LCD
Connection Wires: 15x Male to male Jumper wire & 15x Female to male Jumper wires
Switch: Tactile Switch
Breadboard: 400 pins Breadboard
Connection Cable: Arduino Uno Cable


Arduino IDE Download

Hero Game Code

More about Arduino Uno

More about I2C

Tactile Switch Data Sheet

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