DT830B digital multimeter

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DT830B digital multimeter.

DT830B LCD Digital Multimeter Voltmeter Ammeter AC DC Voltage OHM Circuit Tester.
A practical tool for electrician use. It is easy to operate and the readings are indicated directly on the screen. It can be used to overhaul all kinds of circuit boards. It is also an ideal teaching instrument for students.

DT830B digital multimeter Specification:

Diode approx. testing voltage is 2.8V with a current of 1mA. The overload protection in the diode test mode is 250V RMS. AC.
Over range indication: figure "1" on the display.
Size: 126x70x25mm
Weight: 170g.

DT830B digital multimeter AC voltage

Frequency range: 45Hz to 450Hz.
Response: Average responding, calibrated in RMS of a sine wave.

Range Resolution Accuracy
200V 100mV ±1.2 % of rdg ± 10 digits
750V 1V ±1.2 % of rdg ± 10 digits

Note: some models have a maximum input voltage of only 600V AC with an overload protection of 600V DC or RMS AC for all ACV ranges.

DT830B digital multimeter DC voltage

Range Resolution Accuracy
200mV 0.1mV ±0.5% of rdg ± 2 digits
2000mV 1mV ±0.5% of rdg ± 2 digits
20V 10mV ±0.5% of rdg ± 2 digits
200V 100mV ±0.5% of rdg ± 2 digits
1000V 1V ±0.8% of rdg ± 2 digits

Input impedance: 1MΩ
Maximum input voltage: 1000V DC or 750V RMS (200mV scale: 500V DC or 350V AC RMS) Note: some models will have a maximum DC input voltage of only 600V with an overload protection of 250V RMS AC for the 200mV range and 600V DC or RMS AC for other ranges.

DT830B digital multimeter DC current

Overload protection: F250mA 250V fuse (10A range is unfused!).

Range Resolution Accuracy
200µA 0.1µA ±1.0% of rdg ± 2 digits
2000µA 1µA ±1.0% of rdg ± 2 digits
20mA 0.01mA ±1.0% of rdg ± 2 digits
200mA 0.1mA ±1.5% of rdg ± 2 digits
10A 10mA ±3.0% of rdg ± 2 digits

DT830B digital multimeter Resistance

Maximum open circuit voltage: 3.2V
Overload protection: 250V RMS. AC on all ranges.

Range Resolution Accuracy
200Ω 0.1Ω ±0.8% of rdg ± 3 digits
2000Ω ±0.8% of rdg ± 2 digits
20kΩ 10Ω ±0.8% of rdg ± 2 digits
200kΩ 100Ω ±0.8% of rdg ± 2 digits
2000kΩ 1kΩ ±1.0% of rdg ± 2 digits

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