DIY 6 Digital LED Electronic Clock Kit

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Are you a hobbyist who loves to tinker with different gadgets? You’ll be happy to know that we have the perfect product for you: the DIY 6 Digital LED Electronic Clock Kit! With technical specifications of a working voltage of DC6V ~ 12V and a recommended voltage of DC 9V, the clock kit is made to meet your exact needs.

This is a DIY digital alarm clock kit. It is equipped with 6 digits LED module and an AT89C2051 chip. It can train your soldering skills during assembling, once finished, it will be a digital alarm clock with seconds correction, countdown clock, stopwatch, counter, and alarm clock perfect for electronics fans, and school electronics teaching.

Schematic for DIY 6 Digital LED Electronic Clock Kit

The Image above is a schematic that tells you a bit more about the board of the DIY 6 Digital LED Electronic Clock Kit layout on the PCB.

How does it work

The above video will show you how the DIY 6 Digital LED Electronic Clock Kit works and shows you some of the features it has and how you can easily access them.

Technical Specification:

  • Working voltage: DC6V ~ 12V
  • Recommend voltage: DC 9V
  • Working current: 35mA
  • Standby current: 1.2mA
  • PCB Board Size:92X49mm
  • Functions:
    • seconds correction
    • countdown clock
    • on time alarming
    • alarm clock

How to increase the brightness

1, The display brightness can be changed by changing the resistance values of the R2 - R7 and R9 values.
2, The S1 button is used to set the time, hold for more than 2 seconds to start setting mode


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gert B.

Bought this for my 10 year old son as a starter kit. Great value for money. Although the PCB has a silkscreen layer on the top to indicate the position of the components, I would have preferred to have a circuit diagram and component list (single sheet would suffice), but otherwise great value!

Johan F.

This was my first DIY kit project. I enjoyed soldering all the parts to the PCB however, this kit is not for beginners as it requires very fine soldering skills (parts are very close together on the board). The PCB I received is not quite the same as the one in the manual (which was surprisingly clear and helpful).Watch out!! – the red and black wires were the wrong way round for the 90degree connector block! Finally, clock lights up and start ticking, but buzzer beeps non-stop and buttons to set the time and alarm is not working – rather disappointing after all the hard work, but it was still fun building it.

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