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Introducing our DIY 15KV Ignition Coil Kit, designed to ignite combustible materials with ease! This remarkable ignition coil circuit generates a stable high-frequency arc, resulting in extremely high temperatures. It's perfect for igniting substances like gas and paper effortlessly.

Here are the key features of this kit:

  • Dual windings: The transformer consists of inner windings that produce high voltages and outer windings that produce low voltage.
  • Primary windings: We've used stranded copper wire for one of the primary windings, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Feedback winding: The feedback winding is made of fine copper wire, enhancing the efficiency of the ignition coil circuit.
  • High voltage output: The secondary winding serves as the high voltage output, enabling powerful ignition.


This DIY product generates high voltage & high frequency, similar to an electric mosquito swatter. If you touch it directly with your hand, you may experience an electric shock sensation. It is important to understand that this DIY kit operates on the same principle as the electric mosquito swatter.

Please exercise caution and avoid direct contact to prevent any potential electric shock.

Precautions for product use:

1. After successful production, the transformer can be sealed with epoxy resin or insulating wax to be used for a long time. The plasma in the air can cause the coil to break through and damage due to the lack of air insulation.
2. The input voltage of the kit is 3.7V - 4.2V. If you need to increase the input voltage (to a maximum of 12V), you need to increase the feedback resistor resistance (by default it is 120 ohms), otherwise, the transistor will burn. The feedback resistance can be increased to 150 Ohms ~ 1.5k Ohms depending on your voltage. If you do increase the voltage it is recommended to apply a larger heatsink to the transistor.


Input voltage: 3.7V - 4.2V
Input Current: <=2A
Output voltage: <=15KV
Output current: < 0.4A
High-pressure two-stage ignition distance: <= 0.5 cm

Components in The Package:

DIY - 15KV Ignition Coil Kit Parts

Customer Reviews

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Worth it!

For the price, a neat and fun project. I don't understand the person complaining about "kits made for kids and don't have instructions" - as I would not, NOT, even as an adult, like to be on the receiving end of anything that can ionize non-conductive atmosphere and is basically mini lightning...

Though - I too had to fiddle with the transformer as it is not intuitive, and found a nice youtube video using a very similar setup. To clarify - the primary side has 2 windings. In other words - 4 wires. Get a simple circuit tester or LED + 3V battery to test for continuity.

Find 2 pairs of windings of the primary coils... The 2 primary windings are going to be wired in series, as the DC input voltage will cause different magnetic fields at different rates, and this will induce into each other current and feed back into each other. They are connected not unlike a center-tap transformer.

P1 is a primary winding (2 wires visible)
P2 is a primary winding (2 wires visible)
H1-3 is a "hole" (1 of 3)

H1 [ P1 ]
H2 [ P1 + P2 ]
H3 [ P2 ]

This will start to create an oscillation and will naturally stabilize at whatever harmonic frequency - and therefore create the ideal conditions to - as a pair - then induce a combined and alternating magnetic field into the secondary winding...

Because the 2 primary windings are wired in series - it doesn't matter which one is first, and there is no polarities to windings.

This is in principle how it works - and should then - be obvious how to assemble :)

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