Bluetooth Amplifier Module

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Bluetooth Amplifier Module.

A Bluetooth amplifier is a device that can receive audio signals from other devices via its built-in Bluetooth capability. It then amplifies those signals to be played out of speakers connected to the amp.

This Bluetooth board uses the TPA3110 amplifier IC while using a single power supply with an anti-reverse function. Power can be used with adapters and switching power supplies. This module includes a volume control potentiometer for when you need to turn up the volume or turn down the volume on the module.

Bluetooth Amplifier Module Specification:

Working voltage: DC 8V-26V
Output power: 15W X 2 (16V)
Working current: 2A
Speaker impedance: 4-8Ohm
Work efficiency: greater than or equal to 90%
Bluetooth version: V4.2
Size: 40 x 50mm


Customer Reviews

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Good device

Very happy with this little board. I didn't notice the errors on the PCB pointed out in the previous review so maybe a different revision of PCB?

Devon M.

Good Amplifier.

However everybody should probably listen to this:

When I setup this according to the silkscreen legend on the PCB, the speakers where out of phase.

I then reversed engineered the PCB layout and noticed that they have incorrectly labelled the speaker outputs.

It should be (from left to right)
R+, R-, L-, L+.

They currently have it as R-, R+, L-, L+. This is NOT correct and your speakers will have O% base if you connect it this way.

Good luck.

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