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Battery pack.

This battery pack was made with the intention of it being a backup power system for a 12V router. The battery pack was designed with load-shedding in mind and as such it's a very small solution to load-shedding. This battery pack will allow your internet to stay on which should allow you to enjoy using your wifi for a couple of more hours.

This DIY battery pack can be a fun project that can teach you a lot of new skills, it will also give you more knowledge on batteries and how they work as well as how a BMS(Battery Management System) works.

We have a Lithium Battery Pack project, that shows you step by step how to build one.

Battery pack Specification:

Batteries: 6x 18650 (Lithium ION)
Battery Pack Volts: 12V
Battery Pack Amps: 4800mAh
Required Power Supply: 12V 2A
Power Connector: Male DC Jack, Female DC Jack
Rechargeable: Yes
Connections: 18AWG Red and Black Wire(1 meter)
Diodes: 3x 1N4001 diode
Battery Pack Dimensions: 40.7mm x 62.2mm x 65.4


12V battery pack

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