Battery charger Lead Acid 12V 12A

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Battery charger Lead Acid 12V 12A

Silent cooling fan: Greatly extend the life of the charger with an aluminum radiator
– anti- freeze pure copper softcore wire and full wrapped alligator clip; cold and frost resistant and universal wide voltage
– intelligent digital display: Display data automatic carousel, can display temperature / current / voltage / power
– simple operation: Precise control of the CPU, intelligent charging, no need for adjustment, automatic charging when the battery is plugged in
– pure copper high-frequency transformer: Powerful power and fast charging
– the detection voltage and power: Connect the battery without plugging in the power, it can display the battery residual voltage. Keep track of your battery status and see if you need to charge.
– one-button repair for activating the battery: Using high and low- frequency pulse repair technology, for the Under voltage battery, the battery that has been idle for a long time, and the battery that is not charged, which has a good repair and activation effect.
– winter and summer mode, voltage sub-charge: The charger automatically detects the outdoor temperature, automatically starts the winter and summer mode? automatically selects the appropriate charging voltage according to the temperature without adjustment.

Battery charger Lead Acid 12V 12A Specification;
– size; 150 x 85 x62mm
– output line length
– input voltage; ac110- 220v [50- 60hz]
– output current; DC- 12A [max]
– package weight; 450g
– package dimensions; l=12cm x h=22.5cm x w=6cm

Battery charger Lead Acid 12V 12A Features;
– LCD screen display
– voltage detection
– pulse to repair
– short- circuit protection
– full power auto stop
– overvoltage protection

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