100A Dc volt amp display panel + Shunt resistor 100A 75mV FL-2

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100A Dc volt amp display panel + Shunt resistor 100A 75mV FL-2

Discover a reliable way to measure and monitor current levels with the 100A Dc volt amp display panel + Shunt resistor 100A 75mV FL-2! This top-of-the-line model is perfect for hobbyists who need to be as accurate as possible when establishing their system parameters.

A Volt amp meter is an instrument that measures voltages of alternating electric current on a scale usually graduated in volts, or millivolts (0.001 volts). Many voltmeters are digital, giving readings as numerical displays.

In order to measure a device’s voltage, a voltmeter is connected in parallel to a device. This setup is important as objects in parallel usually tend to experience the same potential difference. It is connected in parallel with the circuit mainly because the same voltage drop occurs across it.

A voltmeter also has high internal resistance. This is done mainly because it is used in measuring the potential difference between the two points of the circuit. As such the current of the measuring device remains the same. In other words, the high resistance of the voltmeter will impede the flow of current through it. This allows the device to take correct readings of the voltage.

Simple Wiring Diagram

100A Dc volt amp display panel + Shunt resistor 100A 75mV FL-2

The image shows us how a 100A Dc volt amp display panel + Shunt resistor 100A 75mV FL-2 should be connected to a battery to be able to measure the Volts and Amps that a DC light bulb draws from our connected battery.

100A Dc volt amp display panel + Shunt resistor 100A 75mV FL-2 Specification

  • Model: 100A/75mV
  • Length: 20.9cm
  •  Accuracy level:0.5-1
  • Overrating Capacity: 120% of Rated Current,2 hours
  • Shock Frequency Endurance:80 ~ 120 times /min,6 hours
  • Voltage drop: 50mV 60mV 70mV 100mV
  • Environmental conditions: -40 to +60°c, relative temperature ≤ 95% (35°c).    
  • Rated current 100A, the temperature does not exceed 80°c
  • Rated current of 100A, the temperature does not exceed 120°c

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rudie v.d.M.
Only 1 Negative

Nice product but it does not show the charging current - only the current drawn from the battery

Francois S.
Almost a five

Hi guys
Soo I am asked to write a review on the product I bought... It's not a 5 star but very close to... Why? Well I am using the unit on my battery backup system so that I can monitor the voltage and amps drawn but it seems I am not drawing enough amps for it to give a reading.... I am only running 12v led lights (the whole house); ONT box and router... Soo maybe it's just not enough to give a amp reading.. but all in all I am satisfied with botshop and the service they give... Well done! Packaging very neat and unit very well rounded! I will definitely consider using BOT SHOP!

Beware the black- wire 😅

Seems like it worked well. Until I connected the black wire and poof, magic smoke.

I somehow managed to miss the diagram above. After some trail and error the unit lit up and did it's thing after connecting only the shunt wires, red+ and orange. I was unsure about the unused black- wire. From a badly translated Chinese manual (randomly found in the Internet) I interpreted "not needed" as "does not matter". So I decided to connect the black to negative... Oops.

Hi Niel
We update the file with hook-up pic.
If you use the meter for voltages lower then 30V the neg must Not be use as it power via shunt NEG(big black wire) and red small with yellow to + volts to be measure with the big red wire over shunt for current measurement.
Thanks for the review hope this will help others as well.

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