68uH 2A Inductor - Pack of 10

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Power inductors are important in applications where voltage conversion is necessary because they yield lower core losses. Power inductors are also used in order to store energy, provide lower signal loss in system design, and filter EMI noise.

A power inductor is an electronic component that receives as well as stores electrical energy by using a magnetic field. This magnetic field is usually created with a tightly coiled conductive wire. A power inductor maintains a steady current in an electrical circuit with a varying current and/or voltage.

Power inductors have three main applications:

  • Conducted EMI noise filter in AC inputs
  • Low pass frequency noise filter for low frequency ripple current noise
  • Energy storage in DC-to-DC converters.

Quick Spec:

  • Inductance: 68uH
  • DCR (Max): 1.5 Ohm
  • IDC (Max): 2A

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