5V 6A 30W Power Supply

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If you’ve been looking for a reliable modular power supply for your Arduino projects, this power supply is ideal for your 5V project not needing to step down from 12V or 24V losing most of your current in the process.

Offering a power rating of 30W at around 6A and 5V, this 5V power supply is capable of powering almost any Arduino project you are busy on, with integrated systems that keep it protected from overloads, under-voltage, overheating, short circuits, as well as spikes or surges. This ensures that this PSU won’t simply last for a week or two before blowing up, but will instead continue to last as you move it from project to project.

Also available in a 5V 20A version.

With a quick start-up time of around 1000ms and an efficiency rating of over 80%, this PSU is a powerful, reliable piece of equipment that will keep your parts and components safe while providing all the power they need to operate optimally.

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