555 PWM dimmer


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555 PWM dimmer.

This DIY kit will help with your soldering skills, while you learn about the standard 555 timer IC.
The kit learns you how the IC uses PWM as a way to control the power of a load.
It intergrades a voltage-follower NPN transistor and Zenner as a stable voltage regulator.  
So you have a constant power surge to the IC that will then make our control more stable.
Using PWM to control our DC motor speed or dimming a 20W car lamp, easily with this PCB.

555 PWM dimmer Specification:

Capacitors Values: 330uF, 10nF, 220uF, 100nF, 10nF
Resistors Values: 1K, 10K, 560E, 1k, 1k
Variable Resistors Values: 100k, 10k
Diode: 5x 1N4001 Diode, 8V2
MosFet: Logic level MOSFET FQP3060
Transistor: NPN TIP120 
Timer IC: NE555P Timer IC

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