550W JST Solar panel

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550W JST Solar panel

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With loadshedding and unpredictability of the power grids in South Africa, one simply need to have some form of backup power system. These 550W solar panels are the answer for your backup system, so that you can continue with your everyday activities without interruptions caused by a power outage. When using these solar panels in combination with batteries and a nice inverter, you will be able to cut most of your electrical expenses, and you do not have to worry about loadshedding, or plan your day according to the schedule made by ESKOM.

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These solar panels have an aluminium frame built around it to add structural stability and to make it rather quite easy to mount the solar panels onto a frame that will fit onto your house roof. They can be used to power your house while charging you battery, or to charge your battery while the battery provides power to your house, depending on which inverter and battery charger you are using, and the number of panels that are connected to the system. Of course, if you connect enough solar panels (+-20) to you home system, you will not use your battery at all on sunny days, which will reduce the cycles on your battery and extend its lifetime.

When using these solar panels in combination with our 800W step-down module that is listed below, you can easily charge your battery during the day when you are not home and have a fully charged battery when you come home at night and need power during loadshedding. The step-down module will ensure that you get the best performance out of your solar panels so you can put your mind at ease with regards to your battery capacity at night.

Technical specifications:

Peak power 550W
Open circuit voltage 49.8V
Closed circuit current 13.99A
Max current 13.23A
Max voltage 41.6V
Efficiency 21.23%
Dimensions 2279 x 1134 x 35mm
Weight 33Kg
Power tolerance 0 - 5W
Max operating cell temperature 41 degrees Celsius
Number of cells 144

Chargers that will work with these solar panels:

800W 30A DC-DC Step Down Module 

Additional Resources: 

Manufacturer's PDF Manual 

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