Flexible Silicone Wire Cable 5 colors

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Flexible Silicone Wire Cable 5 colors.

This is a handy box of colored silicone hook-up wire (Blue, Black, Green, Red, and Yellow). The super-flexible silicone wire is perfect for all kinds of DIY electrical and hobby projects where the silicone wire is a great alternative to PVC insulated cables (which are stiffer). The single-stranded copper wire Ultra-thin and light 30-gauge is best suited for very-low-current.

The highly durable tinned copper wire has a durable environmentally friendly silicone sheath, high-temperature resistance of 200°, and cold resistance of -60°.

Flexible Silicone Wire Cable 5 colors Specification:

Model: Soft high temperature silicone wire
Rated voltage: 600V
Temperature range: -60°C~+200°C
Insulation: Flexible environmentally friendly silicone
Applications: RC, remote control, new energy batteries, various electronic connections, etc. (widely used)
Diameter of each copper wire: 0.33mm
Conductor material: tinned copper wire
The total length of the wire: 50 meters  (combination of 5 colors, 10 meters for each color)
Color: (red, black, yellow, blue, green)
Conductor type: stranded copper wire

Customer Reviews

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Gerhard S.
Extremely flexible.

These wires are extremely flexible and unlike plastic outers the silicone does not melt and shrink when soldering. The nice dispenser is a bonus. Highly recommended - I have been looking for such wires for a long time, sad I only found them now.

Deon d.R.

Good quality

Johannes R.

This wire is highly flexible with high heat resistance. A good option for PCB modifications.


Great product for fine soldering jobs

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