3010D 30V 10A Power supply

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Bench Power Supply DC 30V10A.

Mini Switching DC Power Supply Unit features single channel output, high accuracy, and dual LED display. It is adjustable for both Amperes and Volts. 

User safety is ensured by overload protection, overheat protection, and short circuit protection functions. Small size, easy handling, sturdy case, good performance, and excellent cost-effectiveness make this power supply unit perfect for science investigation, college and factory applications, electronic device maintenance, and more.

3010D 30V 10A Power supply Specification:

Single-channel output.
CC/CV auto switchable.
110V/220V switchable.
Overload protection function. 
Overheat protection function. 
Short circuit protection function. 
Coarse/fine adjustment of voltage and current.
Cooling with a fan.
3/4 digital LED display for voltage and current.
Small body, lightweight (only 1.4 kg), easy to carry. 

Input voltage  220 V, 50/60 Hz
Output voltage 0 ~ 30 V
Output current 0 ~ 10 A
Voltage resolution 10 / 100 mV
Current resolution 1 / 10 mA
Ripple and noise Vp-p ≤ 1%
Voltage display precision ±1% +1 digit
Current display precision ±1% +2 digits
Dimensions, W × H × L 81 × 165 × 220 mm
Net/gross weight 1.4 kg / 1.7 kg

3010D 30V 10A Power supply

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Owen G.
Nifty little bench power supply

Voltage is very easy to set with precision using the multi turn pot. Current limit is single turn and thus less granular, but livable.
Small form factor is great. Packs quite a punch. Overall very satisfied and can recommend this product.

Bonita W.

3010D 30V 10A Power supply

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