Submersible Bilge pump 12V DC

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12V DC submersible pump

Are you a hobbyist looking for an efficient and reliable submersible pump? Look no further than the 12V DC Submersible Pump! This model, HYBPI-G1100-01, is perfect for various tasks you have up your sleeve. It operates at just 12V to provide an impressive flow rate of up to 1100 GPH (4,163 LPH) — that’s more than enough to handle your water circulation needs.

As the name suggests, a submersible pump is designed to work with the entire assembly, consisting of a pump and motor, fully submerged in the liquid or medium to be processed. This type of pump has a hermetically sealed motor that is close-coupled to the pump body.

The submersible pumps are low-maintenance pumping devices because of their design and where they are installed. There is no need for priming and there is no possibility of damage to the internal components resulting from the exposure to foreign elements due to the hermetic sealing of submersible pumps.

Unit Breakdown

    The image above and the text below gives us a very good breakdown of the 12V DC submersible pump.

    • Wire Buckle (1 unit)
    • Pump Cover (1 unit)
    • Tapping Screw (2 units)
    • Motor Bracket (1 unit)
    • Motor (1 unit)
    • Seal Base (1 unit)
    • Seal (3 units)
    • Motor Cover (1 unit)
    • Impeller (1 unit)
    • Pump Housing (1 unit)
    • Strainer (1 unit)


    12V DC submersible pump Specification

    • Model: HYBPI-G1100-01
    • Operating Voltage: 12V
    • Liter Per Hour: 1100 GPH (4,163 LPH)/ 750GPH (3000 LPH)
    • Current Rating: 3A Motor
    • Fuse: 5A Fuse
    • Outlet: 1.15" Barbed Outlet
    • Lead: ±900mm Wire Lead
    • Weight: 392g


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Mark Z.

    Ìt doesn't get to 1100GPH, but still a good pump.

    Gerhard M.

    This pump works fine with a 20A power supply.
    5A does not have much head and solar at least 200W

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