140pcs U Shape Breadboard Jumper Cable Kit
Handy when working with breadboards. These wires are designed to be easily inserted, proper length to be flush on boars. They are mostly used on the breadboard itself to join different holes and connection points in a neat fashion. 140pcs...
R 43.99
4.8-6V Multi Servo Tester
4.8-6V Multi Servo Tester The device can be used as a signal generator for an electronic speed controller (ESC) on a permanent basis or even test your motor system without using a transmitter and receiver. It can connect 1-3 servos...
R 36.17
4.5-30V DC LED Voltage Meter Red
This is a standalone Red LED DC voltage meter. It measures 4.5V-30V with 1% accuracy. Best suitable for battery level display. Just apply two wires on the power without any extra circuit or components, it gives the reading straight away....
R 96.54
Sold Out
10 pcs PCB drill kit sizes 0.3-1.2mm
These drill bits work perfectly with PCBs but also many other materials. If you etch your own boards you will need to drill holes for your through hole components. This pack includes 1 each of the following sizes: 10 pcs PCB drill...
R 131.81
Automatic Wire Stripper
These wire stripper are ideal for any toolbox. It is simple and practical. it has adjustable stripping tension. We also have regular wire strippers. Wire Stripper Specs: Single-core Striping Range: 0.2 - 3.5mm Stranded Wire Stripping Range: 0.2 - 5.5mm Single-core...
R 115.00
Sold Out
115 In 1 Household Multi-function Screw Driver Set
115 In 1 Household Multi-function Screw Driver Set Features: 1.115 in 1 multi screwdriver kit: Can be used for household appliances such as TVs, air conditioners, fans, refrigerators, car repair. 2.Widely used: It can also be used for disassembly and...
R 353.56
Sold Out
0.8-10mm Thread Drill Chuck tool
With heat treatment, the product has good toughness and higher structural strength. The unique patent locking function breaks through the traditional locking method, with ratchets on the back. The locking plate is installed in the back sleeve, which can prevent...
R 126.50
12V 15A Gamistar Pulse Charger
This charger is Ideal for a battery bigger than a 12Amp and higher. Short Circuit, Reverse Connection and Over Current ProtectionModel: EC-1215AOverload protectionCompatible with 12V 40Ah - 12V 100Ah BatteriesEasy to use.Intelligent designBuilt-In Battery clipsPlugs into most 2 point plug...
R 494.50
Sold Out
8Pcs Anti-static Ceramic Screwdriver Set
These screwdrivers are perfect for working with electronics. They are made from ceramic meaning that they do not electrically conductive so that you do not short out components when you by mistake touch some of the wires. They are also...
R 161.00
Sold Out
Adjustable Soldering Clamp Holder
Adjustable Soldering Clamp Holder This fancy and ultra-adjustable PCB holder really great PCB holder. Got a big  circuit board that needs rework but is too big for your standard everyday vise? No a problem. Have to do lots of through-hole where you place...
R 334.88
Auto-electricians Test And Measurement Kit
The ideal kit for testing and measurement on automobiles.
R 1,200.00
12V 2A Gamistar Pulse Charger
This charger is Ideal for 7Amp and hour 12v batteries to charge it fast and safely. Gamistar 2A-12V Car Battery Intelligent Pulse Charger- 12v 2A- Short circuit reverse connection- Over current protection- Overload protection- Input: 100-240V AC- Output: DC 12V-...
R 247.25
120*85mm plastic chassis porous plate
120*85mm plastic chassis porous plate 120*85mm plastic chassis plate model toy porous panel shell support plate for DIY assembly material. length:12cmwidth:8.5cmthickness:1.2cmbore diameter:2mm,fit M2 screw
R 11.17
AD9850 DDS Signal Generator Module
AD9850 DDS Signal Generator Module is equipped with an AD9850 IC, a powerful Oscillator of 125MHz, and a DSS synthesizer. It operates at a very low power supply, thus finding applications in many small self-assembly projects to produce square and...
R 450.00
AD9833 DDS Signal Generator Module
The AD9833 is a Direct Digital Synthesizer that can generate sine, square or triangle waves and is controlled using the SPI protocol. Since the device is in an MSOP package the easiest way to use it is by getting yourself...
R 320.00
Sold Out
3 in 1 TDS Pen-type water quality tester
Handheld Digital TDS Meter Tester Pen with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) and LCD Monitor. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are the total amount of mobile charged ions, including minerals, salts, or metals dissolved in a given volume of water, expressed in...
R 149.50
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